SIAM Conference on Mathematical and Computational Issues in the Geosciences (Erlangen, Germany, Sept. 11-14)

X. Asay-Davis, Numerical methods for ice sheet–ocean coupling in the POPSICLES model

K. Evans, A robust and extensible toolkit for ice sheet model validation

J.H. Kennedy, Evaluating the performance of ice sheet models using LIVVkit

D. Martin, Millennial-scale Vulnerability of the Antarctic Ice Sheet to localized subshelf warm-water forcing

S. Price, Probabilistic Sea-Level Projections from Ice Sheet and Earth System Models

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Forum Math for Industry 2017: responding to the challenges of climate change (Hawaii, USA, Oct. 23-26)

J. Jakeman, Towards probabilistic predictions of future sea level

American Geophysical Union 2017 Fall Meeting (New Orleans, USA, Dec. 11-15)

M. Hoffman, Effects of ice shelf basal melt variability on evolution of Thwaites Glacier

J.H. Kennedy, Exploring the validity of modeled surface mass balance over Greenland with LIVVkit 2.1. (Dynamic e-lightening poster)

M. Perego, Investigating an implicit thermo-mechanical solver implemented in FELIX

D.Martin, Improved Discretization of Grounding Lines and Calving Fronts using an Embedded-Boundary Approach in BISICLES

American Geophysical Union 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting (Portland, OR, USA, Feb. 11-16)

D. Martin, X. Asay-Davis, Sensitivity of Ice-Ocean Coupling to Interactions with Subglacial Hydrology

SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing 2018 (Tokyo, Japan, March 7-10)

J. Watkins, Performance Portability of Climate Applications within the Albany Finite Element Code Using Kokkos

European Geophysical Union 2018 General Assembly (Vienna, Austria, April 8-14)

D. Martin et al., Ice sheet model-dependence of (persistent) ice-cliff formation

SIAM Conference on Uncertainty Quantification 2018 (Garden Grove, CA, April 16-19)

M. Perego et al., Methodologies for Enabling Bayesian Calibration in Land-ice Modeling Towards Probabilistic Projections of Sea-level Change

6th European Seminar on Computing (ESCO) (Pilsen, Czech Republic, June 3-8)

J. Kennedy et al., A Look at the Challenges of, and Some Solutions to, Evaluating Next-generation Earth System Models

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2018 SciDAC4 PI meeting (Rockville, Md, July 23-24)

S. Price et al., Probabilistic Sea Level Projections from Ice Sheet and Earth System Models (ProSPect)

ProSPect project, Probabilistic Sea-Level Projections from Ice Sheet and Earth System Models 1: Ice Sheet Model Development and Applications

ProSPect project, Probabilistic Sea-Level Projections from Ice Sheet and Earth System Models 2: Ice Sheet Model Optimization, V&V, and UQ